Dancing On My Own.
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeong! Sedang aku dok layan YouTube, aku terjumpa lagu GDragon and TOP ft Pixie Lott-Dancing On My Own. Buat pertama kali lalat hampir nak amsuk dalam mulut aku sebab aku ternganga tengok nie. GDragon ngan TOP berganding bahu ngan Pixie Lott buat lagu tu. Memang aku tabik sudaa buat GDragon and TOP :) and nie lirik lagu tu!

You know I'm trying to make it happen for us right now 
I got to do what I got to do 
For me and you .

I know we were living like king and queens
In the tiny little castle made of hopes and dreams
Of us .

It was destiny
It was meant to be
We were so complete 
The perfect team .

Then suddenly theres a glitch in the system
And between us is a big strip of distance

They say it supposed to make the heart grow fonder
For more like I can tell it couldn't be wrong

A little bit of more goes a long way
A little bit of right goes the wrong way

I keep giving 
You keep taking

I'm trying to make a living be patient
I've been waiting for too long

Play one more song
But you're not coming
You're not coming home

I don't want you dancing by yourself
And I don't want you picturing yourself
with anyone else

I know I made some promise and honestly I just wanna to work out
I didn't know the shining star I found was 'bout to burn us

So what now ?
We go around like a record
I feelin' disconnected and you're feeling disrespected

I don't know how this gonna wrap out 
But 'till I'm home you should turn that track on

And that's all I get from you
But I give my all to you

And that's all I hear from you !

I always think about him
Try to not overthink about him
I always dream about him
Try to not dream about him

I'm feeling so lost without him
I try come home
And it's so hard being out on my own
It breaks my heart to leave you alone

And that's all I hear from you

I told you I'll be home
I told you I'll be back

I told you I'll be home
I told you I'll be back
I told you I'll be back boy
I told you I'll be home

Oh aku lupa pulak nak aksi link kat dalam YouTube tu, THIS! 

Sebelum aku layan lagu kat atas tu, memula lagu nie.
BIGBANG-MONSTER. Lagu nie buat album BIGBANG lepas album Alive, diorang upgrade sikit. BIGBANG STILL ALIVE | MONSTER EDITION

It's time to stop here :) enjoy keduadua lagu kat atas tu. 

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