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Letter M , ohh letter M . Where are you ? What are you doing ? Do you miss me ? Do you miss me , are you hearing about this ? Uhhh , it is long time to hear that words from you , letter M . Are you reading what I am typing here ? I miss you , I miss you a lot ! Everyday everynight , I wouldn't stop thinking of you . But you ? I know, I've no meaning for you , for your life . I know you not . But for you , I'll always smile and strong , facing everyday with happiness . NO ! It doesn't true at all . I need you ! I need you to facing all day long with happiness , with a smile at my ugly face . Nothing that I can do right now , your name and your face keep running in my mind . 

Can I hold your hands ? Can I hug you tightly ? I want to meet you , just like we did in the past when we're both together . Who are you falling in love right now ? Me ? Or the other girl ? Who ? I just want to know about that , who is in your heart now . I hope it is me but , can I be your lover ? Can my name written in your heart ? Can I ? I was your first lover ! Not the other girl who didn't understand you ! It was me ! The one , the one who be with you for 8 months ! Did you see that ? 8 months ! Not for a short time , it is a long time that I've been with you .

I'll always waiting for you , here . If you need me , please , sent me a text message , call me and please , meet me . I miss your face . I miss your face when you're smiling to me . You're always in my mind . You know ? I'll always waiting for you . Waiting for the date when you're coming back to me , and say , unnie , sorry for make you hurt , sorry for all the mistake that I've done to you . I love you and I really miss you . And kiss my forehead . Although sometimes I've tired of waiting .

Woahhh :') so amazing but , it is impossible . I hope that we both can be together , again and FOREVER . Please , comeback to me . Comeback to my side . If you can read this , if you can know my feelings when you're not with me , if you can comeback to me and be at my side forever . It is difficult to forget you because I love you so much . By me , it is hard to forget someone who we loved as easy as ABC . Love is not an "ABC" it is a feeling , a quite soft feeling in heart . Everybody have it .

It's okayy , I'm so sad to dig up the old stories between us . Tears keep flowing on my cheeck , My heart wants you . Nobody but you . Okayy , gonna text-off . I couldn't forget about him , okayy , I want to enjoy my life right now without him by my side :') bye .

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